Make Tomorrow a Reality for the Children of South Sudan

Right this minute, more than one million South Sudanese children are at severe risk of starving to death, contributing to what the UN has declared to be the worst global food crisis since World War II.

But this isn’t your average famine.

Normally, a famine would be the result of nature — a destructive hurricane, floods, drought, wildfires…but not this time. This time, we’re talking about a famine caused by war and effecting hundreds of thousands of people driven from their homes and land. This time, it was human-made.

War Child saw this coming, and has been working with South Sudanese farmers to not only reduce the threat of famine, but tackle it at its source—distributing drought resistant seeds, and tools to work the land to hundreds of local farmers. Short term needs; long-term solutions. And like all War Child’s programs, locally driven.

Watch the video, share it with your friends and help make tomorrow a reality for the children of South Sudan by making your donation today.

Very soon, South Sudanese farmers will know the fruits of their labor. Thank you for helping them plant the seeds.

Animated by: Rosane Chameki

Narrated by: Evan Jonigkeit